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another world is a green b and bOur Finger Lakes B&B, Another World, Commits to “Green” and Made in the USA

When we embarked on our journey to construct our Finger Lakes B&B, we were avidly committed to reducing our carbon footprint and preserving an ecologically sound environment for future generations. We spent countless hours carefully researching green technologies and building products to determine which ones were best suited to meeting our sustainability and eco-friendly goals.
Without a doubt, we have succeeded in our green lodging goals, creating a unique inn, one of the greenest in the country, that belongs to a whole new world of energy-efficiency and high-performance green building.

Handmade Quilts Line the Walls at Another World Bed & Breakfast

The following are some of the most significant green initiatives and features that we integrated into the construction of Another World, in order to create an eco-friendly Canandaigua Lake B & B:

Horizontal closed-loop geothermal heating and cooling system, known as a ground source heat pump. In the winter, the system pulls heat from the ground that averages 50 to 60 degrees. It takes considerably less energy to heat air from 55 to 72 degrees than from 32 degrees or below. In the summer, the process reverses, and heat is drawn away from the inn to the ground, where it is absorbed. The antifreeze used in the closed loop is nontoxic and sugar-based. The high-efficiency geothermal heat pump also uses chlorine-free R-410A as the refrigerant: the environmentally sound, non-ozone depleting refrigerant of the future. R-410A is replacing R-22 refrigerant, commonly referred to as Freon, which was damaging to the earth's ozone layer, and which will be phased out internationally under the Montreal Protocol and in the United States under the Clean Air and Water Act of 1990. In fact, the innkeeper was instrumental in getting this legislation passed by Congress.
Energy Star certified appliances.
High R-value insulation.
Highly insulated exterior and garage doors.
Programmable thermostats and multiple-zoned system.
Low-E high-performance windows. Many face south to maximize the amount of winter sun entering the inn.
HVAC duct system sealed with low VOC mastic.
Heat pump hot water tanks that use 62% less energy than conventional hot water heaters and also serve as dehumidifiers for the basement.
Hot water holding tank connected to a geothermal system and hot water tanks. The water entering the hot water tanks is already at a higher temperature than water entering in a standard system, which further increases the efficiency of the hot water heating tanks.
Water-conserving, front-loading laundry equipment.
High-efficiency, low-flow plumbing fixtures.
Bathroom and kitchen ventilation to control interior moisture load.
LED televisions.
More energy-efficient compact florescent and LED lighting.
Eco-friendly carpet, which uses a renewable sourced fiber made from corn sugar.
Engineered wood joists that use half the wood of solid 2 x 10s and do not require the cutting of old-growth timber.
The covered front porch creates an overhang that protects the home from the elements and makes it more energy efficient.
Building materials selected are durable, low-maintenance, and long-lasting and were purchased from companies known for corporate social and environmental responsibility.
Siting of our Naples, NY, inn preserved woodlands and kept the area that was disturbed to a minimum during construction.
An erosion and sediment control plan was implemented during construction.
Gravel driveway to steer clear of impervious services.
Landscaping that uses indigenous, drought-tolerant plant species and limits conventional turf areas through the use of pasture grass and wildflowers. These initiatives reduce irrigation demand significantly.
A 220-amp charging station in the garage for the Nissan Leaf we have reserved. Expected arrival date: late summer 2012.

Planned green initiatives include installing a rotating, rack-mounted solar panel system that we hope will provide all of the inn's electricity requirements. The ultimate goal is to get our electric meter to run in reverse and to provide power to the grid.

At Another World Bed & Breakfast, we also strive to be green in our daily operations.

As locavores, we buy locally grown fruits and vegetables in season. Our eggs, our maple products, many of our meats, and a variety of other food products come from local farms. To reduce packaging materials and waste, we buy in bulk.
We use reusable canvas bags when we shop.
We recycle cans, bottles, and paper products. Guests can leave these in their rooms or drop them off in the bins outside the laundry room.
Water, both hot and cold, is available from the water cooler located in the check-in office. Cold water and ice are also available at the refreshment bar in the hearth room. We do have bottled water available for daytrips or your ride home.
To minimize the use of energy and water resources, we will not supply you with fresh towels if you hang them up. Bed linens are changed every three days for extended-stay guests.
Each guest bath has an assortment of Gilchrist & Soames bath and body products from their "BeeKind" Collection. These contain no paraben, phthalates, petroleum-derived ingredients, or artificial colors. They are formulated with extracts of honey, red clover, calendula, lemongrass, and chamomile, and they are packed in environmentally friendly, recyclable, free-standing paper bottles that produce 92% less waste than rigid plastic bottles. Gilchrist & Soames also donates a portion of the proceeds from the sales of "BeeKind" to honey bee research at the University of California at Davis.
At our Finger Lakes Inn, we use Simple Green natural cleaning products that are 100% naturally derived, with ingredients originating from nature: chicory, coconut, corn, palm, naturally occurring minerals, salt and sugar, and water. These products come in 100% recyclable PETE plastic bottles with 25%+ post-consumer content, and have labels printed with soy inks.
We dust with water and reusable wash rags, rather than petroleum-based dusting agents and surface cleaners.
We use non-petroleum-based laundry detergent, dish soap, and dishwasher gel and do not use artificial whiteners/brighteners.
We only use organic fertilizer and do not use toxic pesticides and herbicides.

Over the years, we will continue to implement eco-friendly practices at the inn, as existing technologies evolve and new innovations come to market. During your stay, we will be glad to share our green-building learning experiences and information on the green concepts and technologies we have implemented at Another World Bed & Breakfast. Come visit, and we guarantee that you, too, will be eager to start "going green."



A Finger Lakes Bed & Breakfast
Where "Made in the USA"
Is the Rule, Not the Exception

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We feel strongly that this nation cannot be powerful unless we have a strong manufacturing base. However, manufacturing currently makes up only 11% of our GDP. We, as U.S. citizens, must support our remaining manufacturing companies by purchasing goods "Made in the USA." We held to this principle when we were purchasing building materials and furnishings for Another World, our Canandaigua Lake bed and breakfast. Before we committed to purchasing any item, we researched where the product came from. If it was not "Made in the USA," we sought out similar products that were made in this country. Much of what you will find in the inn was "Made in the USA" by American manufacturers and custom craftsmen.

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