Hotel Accommodation and Restaurants

When it comes to visiting the United Kingdom there is a lot of focus on London when ideally there is a hidden gem very close by. Leeds is located in the countryside known as Yorkshire. If you decide to make a visit then check out some of this quality accommodation in leeds as well as the best restaurants in leeds.

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The first thing you need to do is sort our budget and this will give you more ideas of what you can afford to see and do. 

Famous names 

Travelodge is one of the most successful named hotels in the world, so it would make sense that you can find one right in the heart of Leeds. All about the basic necessities you can purchase a night here from as little as £50. You have a bar downstairs which offers snacks, meals or hot and cold drinks should you require any. Holiday inn is another popular name that offers budget stays. The price range differs from 70+ per night depending on the day of the week, weekends always being more expensive due to popularity. Free breakfast included on all deals.

Sights to see

The Radisson Blu would fall on the higher end of the price range, however, you are guaranteed a quality stay in a well-recognized name. This 4-star hotel will cost around £120 plus a night, you can find some good deals for certain times of the year so search before you make a booking. This location leaves you in the center with a 5-minute walk or less to the local train station, perfect for first-time visitors. You are also going to be able to easily access the Leeds art gallery and Henry Moore Institute, both popular attractions for those who have an interest in art.

Bargain prices hotels

Regular travelers will surely know the name Ibis, located all over the Uk, the Ibis Leeds Centre Marlborough Street is a 2-star hotel with top class reviews from cleanliness to prices. Perfect for the busy tourist who needs a simple place to stay close to where all the action is. Plus it won't break the budget. Prices start at £50 and go up or down depending on the time of year. Jury's inn although a 4-star brand, you can still get a cheap night from as little as £50 if you shop around at the right time. Happy hunting and enjoy your time in the beautiful city of Leeds.